Our Story

In the world of automotive detailing, two passionate souls named David and Braxtin found their calling at a tender age, long before they could even put their hands on the wheel of a car. With a shared love for detailing and a relentless pursuit of perfection, they honed their skills, refining their art with every vehicle they touched. Detailing became more than a profession—it became an inseparable part of their lives.

As the years went by, David and Braxtin delved deep into the world of detailing, experimenting with products from various manufacturers across the industry. However, despite their vast experience, they couldn't find a single source that met all their needs. They longed for a comprehensive, high-quality range of products to elevate their craft to new heights.

At the beginning of 2022, the dynamic duo decided to embark on a daring mission. Combining their accumulated knowledge, expertise, and resources, they set out on a journey of research and development, determined to create the ultimate line of detailing products. They dreamed of a brand that would encompass their unwavering passion and enthusiasm for detailing.

After a year of dedication and meticulous testing, the summer of 2023 marked the dawn of a new era. David and Braxtin proudly unveiled their creation—their brainchild that would revolutionize the detailing world: Loonatek.

The name "Loonatek" was inspired by two key elements close to their hearts. It paid homage to their beloved shop dog named Luna, who faithfully kept them company throughout their detailing journey. Moreover, it was a nod to the Minnesota Loons, representing their roots and their boundless love for their hometown. By combining these two elements, the name "Loonatek" was born—a fusion that, when said quickly, evoked the spirit of "lunatic," symbolizing their unbridled passion for detailing.

Loonatek began its journey by focusing on the essentials of detailing, ensuring that every vehicle that left their detail shop was showroom-ready. Their initial product lineup showcased the culmination of their years of experience and a deep understanding of what detailing enthusiasts truly needed.

But David and Braxtin's vision extended far beyond this launch. They saw Loonatek as a platform for ongoing innovation, promising their loyal followers that this was just the beginning. With time, they pledged to unveil new and groundbreaking products as they saw fit—products that would continue to redefine industry standards.

The unveiling of Loonatek marked the beginning of an epic adventure—an unforgettable journey that enthusiasts, professionals, and car lovers alike wouldn't want to miss. David and Braxtin's commitment to the art of detailing, their genuine love for cars, and their unwavering dedication to excellence would propel Loonatek to soaring heights, shaping the future of automotive detailing.

As the world caught wind of this duo's passion and drive, word spread like wildfire. Detailing enthusiasts from every corner of the globe eagerly awaited what David and Braxtin had in store. From the inception of their dream to the formation of their brand, Loonatek was set to leave an indelible mark on the detailing world—one that would be etched into the hearts of those who shared their lunatic love for perfection.